"Anyone who ventures into unfamiliar terrain requires an experienced guide. There is no substitute for the knowledge of someone who traverses this terrain every day"


Home Loans in Christchurch

With a humble confidence and the invaluable experience of having arranged home loans for customers throughout New Zealand for the past 20 years, Darren Caldwell is the friendly character who puts his name and reputation on the line as a commitment to his quality customer service, as Darren Caldwell Home Loans.

Our service is free. As a mortgage advisor, Darren gives freely of his time and expertise to arrange the best loan for you, and is paid by the lender, not by you, for making the introduction and arrangement.

Darren has spent most of his career specialising in home loans, and therefore understands all the in’s and out’s of the process. He works with mainstream banks and also a number of specialty lenders, with the goal of securing the best loan to suit his individual client’s needs.

Loans and mortgages are what Darren most enjoys, so with the launch of Darren Caldwell Home Loans, he is now able to provide a quality one on one service that would be hard to match in New Zealand. Darren Caldwell Home Loans is a platform that enables Darren to work with a focus and passion, and he welcomes the opportunity to focus his renowned expertise to finding the right home loan for you.

In an industry that is usually focused on new clients, the creation of Darren Caldwell Home Loans has empowered Darren to be able to offer more advice and assistance with their financial needs than is usually possible.

Darren says; “My service doesn’t finish when your loan settles – I will be there for your ongoing needs whether it be a top-up, re-fixing your loan, or simply if you need someone to bounce an idea off.”

Contact Darren Caldwell for outstanding service and home loan advice today.

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