About Darren Caldwell Home Loans

Arranging the best loan to suit your specific requirements

You can understand, after speaking with Darren, what makes him so good at what he does. Darren is an excellent listener, and friendly yet humble in his ability to offer you the right information and advice, provided from his wide range of experience in home loans, with over 20 years hands-on experience in the financial industry.

Darren started out in this industry from a young age, working for a well-known New Zealand Bank. He worked his way up, firstly promoted to Supervisor and then Personal & Business Relationship Manager. After many hardworking years gaining experience and expertise, Darren launched his own company: Access Home Loans, which ran from 2002 – 2005.

Access Home Loans gave Darren the ability to be more flexible in the services he offered, and most importantly to him - he could work to his own schedule, enabling him more time to provide advice and support on a personal level. Access Home Loans gained Darren an excellent reputation for honest advice and genuine quality service in the mortgage advisory market, which brought him to the attention of a major New Zealand Bank in 2005.

It was this Bank that made Darren “an offer he couldn’t refuse” to join their team, as a Mobile Mortgage Manager. After making the hard decision to close his own, still relatively new business, Darren characteristically gave his new position his all, and thrived in the challenging working environment of such a large and fast growing Banking organisation.

After 8 years working for this major New Zealand Bank as a consistently top performing Mobile Mortgage Manager, and after arranging almost half a billion dollars worth of loans for over two thousand customers, Darren decided it was time to simplify and specialise by again starting his own business specialising solely in Home Loans, his original passion.

And so Darren Caldwell Home Loans was launched in 2013. With a solid belief in his own experience and abilities as a mortgage advisor, Darren has put his own name on the company to represent his personal dedication to doing a job he enjoys, and also because he has gained such a renowned reputation throughout New Zealand as a trusted and approachable advisor.

His new company enables Darren to focus on maintaining working relationships with his clients, rather than working solely with new clients in what can become a limited and faster-paced process within larger organisations. Darren has come full circle in the industry and has the understanding that enables him to focus on what is most important to him, which is the personal service that he offers to his customers throughout New Zealand.

Darren reiterates that he is not limited by location, and has arranged loans and financial services by phone and email for customers all over the country, from Auckland to Bluff. To gain our expert advice you are most assuredly not limited by location.

For all of your Home Loan needs, Contact Darren Caldwell for the best advice from an exceptionally knowledgeable advisor who thoroughly enjoys the professional and friendly service only he can provide.